Animal husbandry

Tailor-made products in cattle farming, for a free expert advice you’ve come to the right place. Through our years of experience at home and abroad, we offer you the best solutions in your farm by smart articles. Furthermore, we are always keen on market innovation enabling us to distinguish ourselves. We offer service that fits in maintaining as well as in expanding your farming business.


Our experience with handling and feeding cattle ensure value for moneysolutions. We deliver recommended brands. The products are mainly cubicles (laying box), fences, watersupply, manure handling, ventilation, housing for calves. Please take a look at some of our products.


Sandmat has to be used in combination with loamy-sand. The holes in the mat will keep the sand in place, resulting in a good cubicle-bedding with a minimum labour requirement. Rubber minimises injuries to your cows; sand improves temperature control of the cow during rumination.

Gate beam

Easy to open and safe for the user. The beam can swing 180 degrees. In open position the beam won t be an obstacle. The length is adjustable. The surface is hot dip galvanised, easy to maintain.

Glassfiber box

The Glassfiber box is a strong and flexible stall divider. The equipment leads the cow in a good position to rest. If the cow accidentally touches the bars, the bars will give way resulting in more well-being. We recently installed 65 fibreglass cubicles at the Waiboerhoeve in Lelystad, this is a research-farm, Wageningen University.

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